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About Us

Ambiflow is a pioneer company in the transformation of thermoplastics, according to the DVS standard, in Portugal. Its operation started in 2011, and the company has become a reference in the engineering and production of equipment made from anti-corrosive materials.

By observing the highest quality standards, the multidisciplinary team at Ambiflow focuses on finding solutions for the application of thermoplastics in distinct areas from the chemical and petrochemical industries to water treatment technologies.

Ambiflow’s activity includes project, design and installation. This whole process is planned and its goal is full client satisfaction.

Ambiflow’s operation currently focuses on the following business areas:

Ambiflow Air


Ambiflow projects, designs and installs full gas collection and treatment systems, chlorine-gas detection and neutralization systems, and odour and VOCs control systems. We also produce ventilation ducts for corrosive environments and anti-corrosive ventilators and ventilation accessories.

We provide solutions for several activity sectors: Waste waters (WWTP, Pumping Stations); Waste (Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plants, Composting Plants); Food (Canneries, Dairy, Slaughterhouses, Animal By-products); Chemistry and Pharmaceutical.

▪ Thermoplastic and polyester piping solutions;
▪ Sluice gates, gate, check and weir valves, and others made according to client and project’s needs;
▪ Removable flow measurement systems (Parshall).

Our valves, made from HDPE and AISI 316L Stainless Steel, can be used broadly in the control and sectioning of fluids, such as Water and Sanitation. These valves are ideal for Water Treatment Plants (WTP) or Waste Water Treatment Plants, Open-channel Irrigation Networks, Pumping Stations, Gravitational Ducts, Duct Ends, Fish Farming, Food Industry and Agriculture.

▪ Conveyance of corrosive fluids;
▪ Thermoplastic deposits, trays and tanks, according to German legislation 19 I WHG;
▪ Cargo cabinets;
▪ Dosing cabinets;

Chemicals line solutions apply to the following activity sectors: Waste water (WWTP, Pumping Stations); Chemistry; Petrochemistry; Food and Galvanic.